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The 1 Simple Trick to Turning Your Dreams into Reality

Planet Emerson: World Travel – The 1 Simple Trick to Turning Your Dreams into Reality


I have chosen to throw myself entirely into the complete unknown.  Now what?!

At this moment in time, the decision to sell most everything I own, to whittle my whole life down to a backpack, and leave the country on a one-way ticket with no set return date… is just that; a choice.  Action, lots of it, is going to be required to turn this dream into a reality.

If you can dream and not make dreams your master. If you can think, but not make thoughts your aim.Rudyard Kipling

Let’s say that my life is an interstellar starship. Serenity, The Normandy,  The USS Enterprise… take your pick. Yes, we’ve ventured through the cosmos on amazing adventures here and there, but all has been quiet for some time (maybe FOX cancelled us again?) and all stations aboard have been coasting on autopilot with not much new to do long enough to get restless.  This ship has become too familiar and the space around it, too predictable.  Everyone knows that you don’t sign up to crew a starship in order to be comfortable.

Planet Emerson-world-travel-interstellar

Photo by Robert Couse-Baker

I think it was my heart (Navigation; “Joker” Moreau, perhaps) who became insubordinate and lashed out first, nearly beating out of my chest, to issue an unsolicited radical course correction to my brain (Captain Malcolm Reynolds, obviously 😉 ), who is only just starting to look over the order.  An order that reads:


Next Destination: Unknown

Return date: Unknown

Suggested Departure: Immediately!

A smile cracks at the corners of my mouth.  The unknown.  This is why we fly.  This is why we live!

Malcolm Reynolds Aims to Misbehave

My brain-Reynolds crackles to life, ready to issue first orders of action to my body (Engineering; Scotty, of course) to divert all power to warp and… make it so!

Sci-fi super-geek mashup!!! The point is this:

Back down here on Earth, my heart can beat all it wants, but that desire alone doesn’t spontaneously ignite the warp engines into action!  Right?  We all know that feeling.  A world of thoughts, yearning, lusts, longing, wishes, and hunger… but, no actions = no results.


Which brings me to this moment, here, standing on that edge of action, writing this blog post. By the time you read this, I will have launched the blog and officially announced this whole endeavor to the world, both publicly and privately.  Various people in my life will be hearing of all this for the first time and the laws of unpredictability will be set well in motion.  I have to embrace the exhilaration of not knowing what is going to happen, otherwise the only other choice is to allow it to consume me and render me paralyzed.

It is so often the fear and the worry of unpredictability that keeps us from taking actions in the direction of our dreams.

What would you do? What actions would you take in your life toward a goal, a possibility, a dream you have, if you knew that you had nothing to fear and it would all turn out perfectly?  Really think about it.

I still have yet to even choose where exactly in the world I will begin this whole one-way world expedition.  Deep in Southeast Asia?  Tierra del Fuego of South America??   The ice shelves of Antarctica???  The bottom of the Marianas Trench????  The frickin’ North Pole?????  I have no idea! I am open to all possibilities and actually have that choice as being one to be made soon-ish, but not just yet. 

When you think about it… actions, all actions, are taken in the pursuit of accomplishing something larger than the actions themselves.  Doesn’t matter if you are creating a system for world peace or a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. Actions always cause something or they affect something.  If I don’t take any actions toward my desire to become an indefinitely traveling, backpacking nomad of the world, then it simply won’t happen.

Yet, here is the best part… I don’t have to know all of the answers or actions in advance in order to get started right now.  We often wait until we feel like we finally have enough data points, enough research, a clear exact plan BEFORE we take that first action toward something.  Guess what, we never do.  We never get “there.” No amount of planning or information will ever be enough if we wait for that to be the reason to begin something. We hit analysis paralysis!

Actions, even small actions, have a funny way of inspiring and revealing the next action.  The trick is just to start.


I have made a conscious choice to radically disrupt my current life, setting sail without knowing the exact course, toward no single destination in particular, other than the journey itself.  Call it ambition, call it trust, call it insanity… but I do know that it will all work out in ways that I could never possibly imagine nor predict at the time of this writing. So, why try and why worry about it now?

The creation and launch of this blog represents the first, small, but very important step of breathing life into this whole crazy idea, this interstellar starship course correction, in order for my life to take on a whole different, very real, happily uncomfortable, new reality. A reality that I am already beginning taste and touch.

What about you?  Take an action with me! 

What is one action you could take, right now, that would bring you one step closer to realizing a dream you have? Please, share it below!

As for me, come departure day, I look forward to misquoting the words of Dr. Spock and declare…

Dr Spock on Life and Travel

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      • Christopher Emerson

        No worries!!! 🙂 So happy you got it to work!!! 🙂 Yes, I just installed a new comments system on here, so that is probably what it was. Old system might have cached for a minute before refreshing. 🙂