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What do Sam Gamgee, Jiminy Cricket, and You Have in Common?

What a week it has been!

It has been one week since I have announced to everyone, to my private and public life, my friends and family, my loved ones and my… well… not so loved ones… that come January 11th, 2016, I’m leavin’ on a jet plane and don’t know when I’ll be back again.

And let me tell you, dear reader, after just one week, I can already tell how much I’m going to need you to keep me company on this crazy journey ahead.

After reading my inaugural launch post, Anna Flores went to my Facebook page and wrote the following:

This is going to be so great! So happy for you and can’t wait to follow your travels! So jealous you have the guts to do this!Anna Flores on Facebook

On Twitter, Kyle Mascarina (@kylerhenzz) tweeted me:

@PlanetEmerson I like reading your blogs. Your first one got me really motivated!Kyle Mascarina on Twitter

I also received a very touching and thought provoking email from a reader regarding a dream she has to travel on her own, but has been set upon by naysayers around her, telling her not to do it:

I was feeling pretty discouraged though because I am kinda on my own on this. But, I really appreciate everything you said in your blog. You have a goal that seems way intimidating, but you aren’t just looking at it and saying, ‘Well, guess I can’t do that.’ And that motivates me.Jennifer Gustafson via Email

My synapses crackle to life, immediately sparking the connection between my original intentions for creating the blog and the reality of things that are just starting to unfold now. My original intention behind creating this blog was always about causing long-overdue disruption, to shake things up, not just in my life, but to also inspire you to do the same. I don’t want this blog to be just another masturbatory exercise in Internet egocentrism.

It moves me, it drives me to know it’s possible that this journey can be about so much more than only MY adventure. Maybe you long to travel more, quit a job, buy a car, hitchhike for the first time, get married/divorced, finally ask him/her/them out, move out, come out, adopt a pet, expand your mind, write a book, learn to fly, have an orgy, become a monk… whatever lights you up, turns you on, scares you the most, whatever you have procrastinated on the longest. THAT is what you should take on FIRST!

I have learned this lesson the hard way. Face your demons immediately, my friends. They never expect it.

For me, I came to the realization that facing down my fears means, after years of silver screen dreams, some of them very successfully realized while others remained seductively elusive, my heart has not beat for Hollywood for far longer than my body, not to mention my ego, would care to admit. I have pretended to myself and others to be alright with this for long enough.

It’s time to cast off the inhibitions of convention and the self-imposed limitations of being unnecessarily geo-locked to just one place on this under-explored big beautiful pale blue dot we call home. It is time to plot my escape from this Pleasure Island of Hollywood-land and do so before I completely turn into a jackass.

Watching that video clip, two things strike me.

First… holy S#!% that was WAY darker than I remember it being when I was a kid!

Second… if you find yourself somewhere, anywhere, alluringly comfortable, tempting you with its wiles while slowly taking more from you than it gives, then, in the video clip’s closing words by Jiminy Cricket, “You gotta JUMP!!!”

In order to truly break free of the things that seduce us into keeping ourselves from realizing our greatest potential, from breathing life into our greatest dreams, it requires a kind of interruption to the regularly scheduled programming of our lives, being fantastically unreasonable, and plunging head first into the unknown abyss of endless possibilities. Trust yourself. Even if you get swallowed by a damn whale like Pinocchio, that STILL wasn’t the end of his story, and only marked the beginning of a new chapter.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.” –Unknown

I found at least three different people cited as the originator of that quote. Regardless of who said it first, I will bet that all of them meant it with a negative subtext. I actually think that sometimes in our lives, ending up in an unexpected and previously unknown “somewhere else” is exactly what we need and the best thing that could happen to us!

On a lonely road in the desert of self-realization, who will be our Jiminy Cricket, our Sam Gamgee, a conscience to be our guide, to keep us on the path we have chosen? A course we’ve purposely charted that far exceeds our current capabilities to go it alone.

At this moment in time, with my life’s circumstances being as they are, I’ll be embarking on this journey by myself. “A single soul, walking in (my) shadow’s footprints.” My only other companion will be you. I’ll travel with the words you send me via comments, emails, tweets, Facebook page posts, giving way to possible meet-ups around the globe in the future, and into the unknowns beyond. Your support and inspiration is going to keep me going, keep me leaping into the darkness.

I, for one, am looking forward to getting swallowed up by many a ravenous whale with YOU and mark the beginning of a new chapter.

So, together, let’s start planning our work ahead!

My next blog post will take the next major step toward becoming a happily homeless digital nomad.  I will explore and narrow down the possible options of where in the world this whole adventure will actually begin. I would love your suggestions and recommendations!

But, FIRST, tell me…

1. What is a goal, a dream, a project, or desire you have in your life?
2. What is the very first step you could take in the direction of that pursuit?

BONUS QUESTION: What was the name of the whale that swallowed up Pinocchio? No Googling 😉

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(Travel Companions Sam Gamgee, Jiminy Cricket, and You)

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  • Amara

    My goal is small. I want to meet my favorite voice actors. I started by picking one and was going to request them at the convention in my state. However, that convention very quickly closed their guest request option (only a few weeks after the 2015 ended) so I had to try a new idea. Feeling like a stalker (lol) I am trying to look into going to one of the conventions that actor is slated to attend next year. Have you run into any difficulties in planning yet?

    Also I don’t know the bonus Q answer lol